About Us

Crystal Art Designs was born from the love of creativity, the passion for fashion and all things bling. We are your local custom rhinestone shop and fashion boutique. Life is a series of events and why not celebrate those moments with a personalized rhinestone shirt. Rhinestones are a girl's best friend and it's a fact that women and children love all things that sparkle. Rhinestone shirts are also a great marketing tool for companies to stand out from the competition. Why opt for another screen-printed shirt? That's so yesterday. Bling is in Today. We also offer the latest trends in tops, bottoms, jewelry and accessories.

We love collaborating with our customers, so pick up the phone and give us a call and someone from our team will assist you in creating something unique and special.

Meet the Owner:
Semra aka Sam has an Associate's Degree in Fashion, a Bachelor's Degree in Business and over 20 years of retail experience ranging from Buying, Visual Merchandising, Management, Marketing, Sales and most importantly Customer Service.

"When I was working in NYC, on my daily commute I would pass small trim shops that sold embellishment items. After I had my daughter, I felt her clothing at the time was so plain and boring. So I started decorating them with rhinestones and pretty soon started getting requests from friends and family for their children and for themselves. I had my Aha moment on the bus ride home one evening. Maybe I can turn this into a business i thought. So I started attending flea markets and craft fairs, and what I learned was there was a void in the market. People love rhinestone designs and they love being a part of the process. They like having a voice in the design that's created, the color of the rhinestones, the style of the shirt, the location of the design on the shirt, the size of the design.. etc. Women want to express themselves, be unique and sparkle all the way."

Crystal Art Designs is a big advocate of giving back to the community thru school fundraisers, local charities, events held at the boutique and toy drives for the local hospital. We want to make the world sparkle, one rhinestone at a time.