Cheer Moms like to bling it.

Even famous moms, like the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga, want to stand out from the crowd at their children’s events. To support her daughter, Antonia, at cheerleading events she wants to be the mom that stands out. Recently she ordered a personalized t-shirt to represent her daughter’s cheer squad with a catchy saying and Antonia’s name on the back. Ordering a custom bling shirt to support your child is the perfect way to catch everyone’s eye. The shirts can be personalized to represent the sport or event in various ways. Add a catchy saying on the front and your child’s team number or their name on the back. Even customize the rhinestone colors to match their school or team.  It’s not just about a t-shirt but a way to show your support and dedication to your child and their team.

  "Cheer Moms"


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